Only normal component fields are offered in the "Configure the view" interface for providing the Entry Title, it is not possible to select relation fields which often contain the descriptive information to distinguish components, and so the editor falls back to the very non-descript "id" attribute of the component.
Looks like this issue has come up before but I don't see any solutions/workarounds shared and while there seem to be attempts to fix this for list views, I haven't found any efforts to improve on the editing experience.
Steps to reproduce the behavior
Create a new content type
Add a new repeatable component
The component should have a relation to another content type (one-way or 1:1 relation to exactly one item)
In the content type editor, click "Customize the View"
On the Customize screen select "Set the component's layout" under the component with the relation field
the "Entry Title" dropdown doesn't offer the relation view (or any fields on the other side of the relation)
Expected behavior
At least normal string fields on the other end of the relation should be selectable (e.g. a person relation should expose as an Entry Title for a component with a person relation).
Created by Derrick Mehaffy
May 6, 2022