Manage your content review process
Stay aligned and collaborate better with review workflows. A convenient way to coordinate work seamlessly across teams — from first draft all the way to publication.
✅ Fully customizable review stages
Different content requires different processes. Build custom flows to review and validate the content through various stages, whether it’s an extensive 8-step legal review or a simple 3-step editorial process.
✅ Assign teammates
Give review stages a clear owner, so everyone knows who’s responsible and you keep the content flowing across the content lifecycle.
✅ Support for Webhooks
Automate various actions triggered by stage changes, such as updating external systems or notifying stakeholders. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficiency!
✅ Manage user permissions for specific review workflows
Integrated with the roles and permissions system, you can easily tailor permissions to the specific roles of your team members, giving them precisely the level of access they require at every stage of the workflow.
✅ Create multiple workflows
Design and manage multiple content approval processes. Whether you require a multi-stage review process or different workflows for different content types, we've got you covered!
🔜 Next up, we’ll introduce Role-Base Access Control for individual stages — to give you full control at every level! With this feature, you can go a step further and easily tailor permissions for the specific roles of your team members at each review stage.