The main issue behind this is that I can not (natively) find the content I want based on slug/ID + locale.
For example, I have the same blog post translated to three languages, Strapi creates three different posts and map them. This mapping works well on the Strapi admin dashboard, however it is a struggle to use the API.
When querying a specific post, like 'post-en' for example and passing the locale 'es', GraphQl doesn't return me anything because the locale does not correspond to the slug requested.
I'd like to redirect the content to the specific locale, this way I can always have the translated content without manual injection.
This way, if someone selected the English language in the website and (for some reason) is redirected to a content in another language, the user will always see content his language.
Created by Derrick Mehaffy
May 23, 2022