With the release of v4.11 in June 2023, users gained the ability to select and manage multiple entries simultaneously with a single action instead of one-by-one content publishing! However, the first iteration of this feature came with a notable shortcoming which prevented content managers from quickly finding the entries that didn't meet publishing requirements. This resulted in users having to meticulously go through all their entries to identify the one that blocked the publishing process.
To mitigate this inefficiency, we developed a new version of Bulk Publish that clearly flags those entries not ready for publishing. You can now conveniently update them prior to initiating the publishing attempt. This game-changing enhancement boosts productivity, reduces the risk of errors, and simplifies your content release process. Whether you have a blog with numerous posts or an e-commerce site with a vast product catalog, Bulk Publish will undoubtedly be a favorite time-saver for content managers, offering a more user-friendly and efficient experience.
Created by Derrick Mehaffy
September 7, 2021