This seems pretty critical and I've seen a lot of noise regarding Database Migration but aside from being sent this link ( for a project - which is beta (using mysql) - I'm unsure how to handle this? The devops chaps have mentioned we use Liquibase which should help us out. But it would be great if there was a "Strapi way" to do this too.
I've tried using the package above and tbf, it is very nearly working, complains about
even though it does seem to handle but
strapi start
dies which isn't great.
Node v15.14.0
Strapi v4.2
MySQL v2.18.1
Its really irritating as I delayed an upgrade on this project earlier this year because the docs weren't quite there - and 3.6.8 was still regarded as stable/the way to go.
Is there something impending? I've spent a week upgrading a production V3.6.8 instance and we've deployed it (test env) - works great! Content is persisting but the admin users are not - they've been wiped.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!