I used Strapi a couple of years ago and I love it, so thank you. I recently wanted to spin something up, went to your website, and was like oh yea I'll copy this npx quickstart command, naturally. Problem is, I had been using nvm, I think node 16 at the time, so it installed Strapi 3. There of course were a lot of npm deprecation warnings.. etc. It took me almost an hour to realize I needed to uninstall version 3, switch my node/npm version and reinstall/run the quickstart for Strapi i 4.
I'm reporting this not to complain, but to bring attention to the user experience for other developers, especially newer developers unfamiliar with managing node/npm versions, etc. I was completely unaware of the unsupported version 3 changes until I dug into it and realized the problem. Perhaps there is a way to communicate this on the homepage, or somewhere in an FAQ. Just a heads up, thank you.